giovedì 19 luglio 2012

Top 10 China travel trends

1. Chinese outbound travel continues to grow in travellers number and trip frequency.
2. Leisure travel drives Chinese outbound travel demand. Sightseeing and shopping are key purposes of leisure trips. It is highly seasonal with peak periods in May, October and December.
3. Chinese outbound travellers are travelling further for destinations beyond Hong Kong and Macao.
4. Young professionals with high income is the major consumer segment driving outbound travel demand in China.
5. 80% of travellers are searching for information about destination prior to their travel, and the major information channel is online.
6. Travel agency is still dominating the booking channel, while online agents are growing quickly, especially for long haul trips.
7. Average spending per visit shows double-digit increase, with 35% of budget spent on shopping.
8. Sharing of travel experience through online platforms is increasingly popular, especially among young generations.
9. Chinese consumers are moving towards an experience-based choice
model from a price-based choice model.
10. The new Chinese tourists are demanding higher quality services, and moving from traditional tour groups to individual experiences.
cfr. "Essential China Travel Trends 2012" Dragon trail (

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