martedì 8 gennaio 2013

Turisti cinesi: non solo turisti di gruppo

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Video: China outbound tourism booms CCTV News - CNTV English

"China now has the greatest numbers of tourists travelling abroad. In the past decade, outbound tourists have jumped from 16 million to over 70 million. And how Chinese tourists choose to spend their time in exotic places has also changed over time. We’ll meet some veteran travellers to see how they like to spend their time out on the open road.
Han dong is a backpacker. He’s planning to visit Bali Island this January and fly all the way to Phuket Island in Thailand during Spring Festival. He says, the greatest pleasure he gets from backpacking is the feeling of freedom.
Han said, "If you go on a package tour, you get up at a fixed time and have a fixed routine. But if you go on your own, you can decide whether to move on or stay and spend time in the hotel swimming pool, or at the SPA, or at restaurants. Everything is possible."
Sampling new kinds of local food is another pleasure.
Han said, "A lobster this size might cost around 500 yuan a kilo. But it’s much cheaper in Southeast Asia.
Xie Xie has spent five months traveling across South America. Dining in restaurants may be expensive, but backpacking has given him the chance to try out a world full of delicious food.
Xie said, "South America has a very good network of Youth Hostels. They even provide kitchens for guests. It only costs around five US dollar to make a dinner for two people, with steak, spaghetti and red wine. The beef comes from the cattle on the Pampas, it’s all very tasty."
The language barrier can be a major concern for backpackers. But veterans travellers know there’s a universal language: body language.
Xie said, "Sometimes I don’t understand the menu. I just point to the dishes on others’ tables. That’s how I make myself understood."
Han said, "Actually, the best way to communicate is with a smile. That always helps to open channels of communication."
As major travel websites suggest, backpacker numbers have surged in recent years, expanding from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to second-tier cities. Those in the 24 to 30 year age group make up the majority, but retirees and high school students are also joining the group.
For many Chinese tourists, the first choice for holiday destinations are usually places in southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, which offer some of the most beautiful seaside landscapes, affordable airlines and easy visa access."

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