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Xiao Peng: un altro modo di viaggiare

Se ci limitiamo a osservare il turismo cinese dalle cronache dei giornali, ricaviamo l'idea che i turisti cinesi possano essere descritti in pochi profili stereotipati (di massa, di lusso, di nicchia...). Ovviamente non è così in nessuna parte del mondo, tantomeno in Cina.
Se non lo conoscete già vi presento Zhang Jinpeng, più conosciuto come Xiao Peng, che ha pubblicato un paio di libri sui temi del viaggio, nei quali racconta come vive, vede e considera l'esperienza turistica.
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Have you ever noticed the sound of stepping on the snow? Have you enjoyed the sound when you are playing the swing?And have you ever known the polar light has its own sound?
As a crazy traveler, when on the road, Xiao Peng records his trips in any form. He writes, he takes photos and he talks to different people. He does all these things in the hopes of understanding the urge to travel.
"In recent years, travel books have taken off. There are the stories about quitting one's job to travel and travel as a way of life. I think there is enough information on travel. What is different about my stories? I share the most valuable experiences with readers."
The book is divided into 8 chapters and each chapter explains one reason for travel in Xiao Peng's mind. You will see his adoration of the gorgeous sunrise in Sahara. Because he regards lights as the hopes on the road, and hope is a necessity for trip. He also enjoys both of the luxury and simplicity on the road, because he believes the spirit of travel is to experience everything at the places you are visiting.
"You need to experience the life that the local people lead, taste different kinds of food and return to nature. This is what I think travel should be. I hope people can get their answers from my book. That was also another intention."
The excitement is not without fear, but Xiao Peng says travel provides him the endless happiness.
I like change. I want everyday to be different. A regular nine-to-five job wouldn't bring me satisfaction. I travel because I can see a rainbow; I can be inspired by fresh ideas. And all of these changes encouraged me and make me different. That is why I can't stop."
Like most of the young people, Xiao Peng did not know what he wanted to do when he left university. The only thing he knew was that he liked traveling.
He says he has three stages of travel. The first stage is working hard so that he can earn enough to make the trip. The second stage is trying to make money from the trip, and the third stage is just traveling itself.
Even though he has been on the move for more than 10 years, he still feels there is a long way to go. He still has many dreams to be fulfilled.
"I have a dream that some day I could have a visa-free passport that I can reach to every corner of the world. I have a dream that my dearest one can be always by my side. I have a dream that some day there will be no conflict to break the brotherhood. I also have a dream that my parents will enjoy their life when they are getting old."
In Xiao Peng's mind, the journey is much more important than the destination. He hopes that more people will have the courage to start theirs own trips. Just like what he says at the end of the book.
"It's a big world, let's go and see some of it."

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