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Ten trends the hotel industry should watch for during Chinese tourism boom

Ten trends the hotel industry should watch for during Chinese tourism boom:
· Bali, Korea, Macau, and Malaysia will be the most popular Asian destinations, but Chinese travelers will be much more interested in international trips.
· Europe is expected to receive the greatest boost in Chinese tourism, followed by North America. Travel to the United States is weakened due to its arduous visa procedures.
· Budget is, and will be, the most influential factor when planning a vacation, while Internet is the most influential when choosing a destination.
· Chinese travelers will allocate most of their budget to lodging and transportation and less on meals and entertainment.
· The fastest growing segment of Chinese travelers is expected to be families with young children, retired couples, and children.
· Chinese travelers would rather be in the center of a bustling city than in a rural setting and they prefer full-service hotels over resorts.
· Tea kettles and coffee pots are more important to Chinese travelers than Wi-Fi and storage.
· Chinese travelers would rather see a buffet-style dining room than sit down for dinner from a celebrity chef.
· Shopping and beach activities are expected to grow the most while theme parks and gambling increase the least.
· Chinese travelers prefer hotels designed with local touches and don’t seek out hotels with a traditional Chinese design.

articolo di SAMANTHA SHANKMAN, SKIFT, MAR 26, 2013

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