domenica 23 febbraio 2014

Want Chinese Tourists? Be Friendly to Them

Vi segnalo un articolo del magazine Caixin, scritto dalla giornalista e sinologa Mariangela Pira, che parla anche del progetto chinese friendly Italy:
It's in this spirit that Le Figaro in 2011 launched a free quarterly luxury magazine for Chinese tourists named Paris Chic. It is published in Chinese and distributed in China and France, and is a true guide for fashion, beauty, watches and gastronomy. In Italy one of the main newspapers, Corriere della Sera, did the same thing, printing a publication that targets Chinese travelers. Also the Italian publisher Class Editori made the same choice with a quarterly luxury magazine named Italy's Excellence. The same business and financial news publishing house has launched a campaign to have street signs in Chinese before Milan's Expo 2015, so Italy can be more "Chinese-friendly."
Atout France says that about 80 percent of Chinese tourism is made of groups, which includes small groups of 8 to 10 friends, although the share of individual travelers continues to grow. "At first they used to visit something like 10 to 11 countries in a row, for just 10 days. Now, this quantitative approach is less dictatorial and during a European vacation Chinese groups tend to visit three to four countries, looking for more quality," Italian hotel marketing consultant Giancarlo Dall'Ara says. Now, Chinese tourists want to know the country they are visiting better, spending their vacation in one or two destinations. They love themes, such as the discovery of wine, museums and the country life of Europe. The Expo will be in Milan, but Italy might prompt Chinese people to discover Florence, Tuscany wineries and Venice as well.
Unfortunately, from the point of view of several Chinese tourists their first foray into European countries was quite disappointing. They have dreamed all their life of Versailles and the Coliseum, but very often either for reasons of cost or the lack of high-capacity hotels in the centre of cities like Rome, Paris and Madrid these groups are dispatched to the not-so-smiling suburbs. Then there is the visa problem
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p.s. Vi aspetto a "Matching China", Rimini 20 marzo 2014

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