venerdì 13 giugno 2014

I turisti cinesi che vanno all'estero

A recent survey completed by UnionPay International captures the spending patterns of Chinese outbound tourists as analyzed across 140 countries and regions. In aggregate, China travelers spent $102 billion in 2013 while making 97 million trips abroad -and are on pace to see 15% growth for 2014. Not surprisingly, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and South Korea made up 80% of outbound tourism as Chinese travelers are still in the early stages of exploration and favor the proximity and familiarity of destinations already made popular in domestic media. Of more interest is the particularly high growth rates of spending on dining and recreation (65%) as Chinese travelers increasingly seek out unique experiences and cultural exposure. [UnionPay via ChinaDaily]

银联国际最近的调研报告显示中国人境外旅游的消费份额。在2013年,中国人的总境外旅游次数飙升到九千七百万次,消费总额高达一亿两百万美金,更在今年有望达到15%的年增长率。其中有近八成的中国人选择香港、澳门、泰国及南韩作为旅游目的地,其可能原因为中国的媒体有着较多邻近国家的报导及旅游指南。数据也指出,境外游的中国人在餐饮及休闲活动的消费份额接近65%,包括具有冒险性及文化的探索。[UnionPay via ChinaDaily]

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