lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Turismo cinese e dati biometrici

"Although for several years a growing number of Chinese citizens have travelled to Europe as tourists, and constituted a more and more significant part of the traffic discussed above, the whole phenomenon lately  has experienced a noticeable  slow-down. The European Union recently  adopted more restrictive rules for the concession of incoming visas by the component countries, in order to control more effectively  their boundaries.  Previously,  Chinese nationals could have the respective  travel agencies post their documents  at  the visa centers, but now they have to register there  their biometric fingerprints. Thus, those aspiring to tour within Europe  have to present themselves in person to Consulates, face   greater expense  of time and higher  traveling costs  within China. On this account many of them cancelled their trips to Europe, especially those who live far away from the cities where resides  a consulate or embassy of a Schengen country. In China,tour operators have had to return already booked group air tickets to the respective air companies. They now look forward to the market adapting to the new European policy" Hongbo Zhang Ignas Tour, Chinese market Coordinator

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